Block Facebook on a Cisco router.


Blocking Facebook has become quite a thing to do lately. With Facebook being so popular alot of companies want the whole website blocked. There are many ways of doing it with cisco. I found this to be quite stable and works 100%. This is also not very resource intensive. This will work on any cisco router that can do ACL’s. I’m using it on a cisco 837, cisco 877 and a cisco 1941.
This is what you have to do:


Create an access-list t0 deny all Facebook ip addresses on the cisco router.

I like using named access-lists.


Router#configure terminal

router(config)#ip access-list extended Block_FaceBook


deny   ip host
deny   ip
deny   ip
deny   ip
eny   ip
deny   ip
deny   ip
deny   ip
deny   ip
deny   ip
permit ip any
permit ip any any

Add the newly created “BlockFacebook” access list to an interface on your local LAN.

router(config)#interface fasethernet 0/1
router(config-if)#ip access-group Block_FaceBook in


So the process is simple.

Create an ACL with all the facebook ip addresses to block.
Add that access list to the interface on your local network.

For reference, the ip address list for facebook is:


One comment on “Block Facebook on a Cisco router.

  1. i tried it and it works for seconds :/
    i guess the reason for such a thing is that there is a new IP addresses for facebook , so the router keep searching for these IPs ,so if you could provide us with these IPs i’ll be thankful :D

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