Telkom 100Mbps fibre broadband launch plans

As someone that works with Fibre every day and is used to speeds of 100mbit+ I will be very keen to give this a try when it launches. As it stands now, I see all telkom

services as a “Best Effort” service. With Telkom being the Giant and have a I don’t care attitude, I will be surprised to see this in 2016. Even though they want to launch it in 2014. At the rate that some ISP’s are rolling out fibre, you will be able to get fibre to the home from another ISP before telkom even break ground to lay the first fibre to the home.


Telkom expects to commercially launch fibre-to-the-home in South Africa before the end of 2014, managing executive for Telkom’s product house,Steve Lewis, has told MyBroadband.

Previously Telkom revealed that technical trials are underway in 2 business parks, 3 gated communities, and a leafy suburb.

According to Lewis, the home trials are currently running in La Pama in Durban; Plantations in Durban; and Somerset in Gauteng.

“We are looking at other areas,” Lewis said.

Customers on the trial are provided with free connectivity to Telkom’s fibre network, including equipment that should be familiar to DSL customers, Lewis explained.

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