Looming disasters, and other tech predictions, for 2014 and beyond

I was reading this today and found it very fascinating. Our world is ever changing. Tech is going forward at an exponential rate. This is a good read. Something that might not affect us too much, but something to keep in mind and is very informative.gatr-technologies-satellite_21347

Computerworld – More than most years, 2013 might be remembered for some ominous predictions of doom for the earth and its inhabitants.

The threat of solar storms received much attention from prognosticators, as did abrupt climate change — the earth’s atmosphere passed the 400 parts per million in carbon dioxide mark in 2013.

Also, life extension became part of the tech discussion in 2013 and promises to become more of one in the years ahead.

High-speed machine-to-machine trading, long a topic, is gaining ever more attention as transactions near the speed of light.

Some of the biggest (and smallest) predictions for next year and beyond follow.

The end of the power grid

The National Intelligence Council, in its Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds report, released this year, said geomagnetic storms “pose substantial threat” to electronics and the power grid.

This was a big year for warnings about solar storms. The last “solar super-storm,” occurred in 1859, and the next one has a good chance of arriving within your lifetime.

In 1989, a solar storm knocked out the Quebec power grid, impacting 6 million customers.

Historical records suggest a return period of 50 years for Quebec-level storms and 150 years for very extreme storms, such as the 1859 so-called Carrington Event, according to a report by insurer Lloyd’s earlier this year.

Scientists at the Idaho National Laboratory recently demonstrated in tests that “geomagnetic disturbances have the power to disrupt and possibly destroy electrical transformers, the backbone of our nation’s utility grid.”

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