Windows SBS server 2007 folder not inheriting permissions

If you have a Server 2007 where the users permissions are not inherited from the upper folder. try the following:

Right click the folder > Properties.

In ‘Advanced Security’ – double click one of the permissions that is not propagating down, you get the  ‘Permission Entry’ properties form.

At the bottom of the form, there’s a tick box labelled “Apply these permissions to objects and/or containers within this container only”

If this box is ticked, it stops the permission propagating more than one layer down the tree.  This overrides the ‘Apply To This folder, subfolders..’ setting.

As a result, on sub-folders, the ‘Apply To’ box sets itself to ‘This folder’ and greys itself out, and the permission in question doesn’t inherit any further.

Mac OSx Lion SMB share fix

Scenario: I have a client with a mixed environment. Cisco switch, engenuis Access Points, edimax and Mikrotik routers.
7 Macbooks. Ranging from os x 10.6 to 10.7, 6 Laptop computers running windows 7, 2 Windows servers, 1 for data and 1 for accounting.
The problem I faced was that the OS x lion Macs were terribly slow connecting to the windows servers. It could take anything from 15 seconds to a minute to connect and mount a drive in mac. And then disconnect after 20 minutes. After that it would sometimes refuse to connect. To correct the issue and allow the users to connect quickly to the server, even over the engenius eap 150 wireless Access Points.
Steps to apply to mac OS X Lion for fix of slow server access.
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